StarMade Citizen Registry

Welcome to the Citizen Registry

Welcome to the new Citizen's Registry!

We have made significant changes to the Registry. These are to facilitate several important and exciting new features that are coming this month.

Common Questions

I want to get StarMade on Steam, but I bought it on the site. Do I have to pay again?
No way! You can head over to the Steam Link to link your Steam account with your Registry account. During that process your Steam account will be given a free copy of StarMade.
I purchased StarMade on Steam, how do I upgrade my account?
In order to upgrade your account please visit our Steam Linking Page to get started.
Where are my blueprints?
We are working on a complete redesign of the blueprints (Shipyards) section and it should be ready for usage in the first part of 2016.
What are Applications?
The StarMade Registry provides a rich REST API into your StarMade profile. 3rd party websites can create an application to securely request access to information about your profile using the OAuth 2.0 standard.